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What? I've helped lots of small businesses and assisted legacy brands in many areas, including strategising, managing relationships, pitching to journalists, leveraging founder and in-house team knowledge, best practices and more — all from a journalist's standpoint. I've also helped budding journalists get a head-start on breaking into the industry. 

Who? If you want to strengthen journalist relationships, you want clarity on brand positioning or you want help with copy. You're looking to become a writer or journalist and would like a bit of support. 

Why? To eliminate email back and forth, I've set up a calendar appointment slot schedule, all you have to do is choose a time that suits you (please give me at least 48 hours ahead of time) and I'll email you all relevant information before our call.

How? Simply book a time slot that suits you — my calendar is as open as possible and kept up to date, but should the time slot not suit, I'll reschedule right away — you'll receive an email from me with T&Cs, a contact form and an invoice (to be paid prior to the meeting). I'll ask you what your aim for the session is ahead of time so that we can maximise our time together. 


1 hour small business - £200 

If you'd prefer a few block sessions, I'm happy to discuss a discounted rate. 

  • 1 hour call tailored to you — I will prep relevant content ahead of time. 

  • Additional: typed up notes and debrief of session to keep handy with added information, follow-up support as and when needed. 

1 hour large business - This is calculated depending on the consulting needed as it's vastly different from small business consulting; often this is block consulting vs a single session. Typically involves:

  • Initial 30 min call to discuss needs.

  • Copy created with 2 rounds of revision available. 

  • Deck presented over call and to keep handy. 

  • Redelivered deck if needed. 

  • Available for follow-up sessions and always available via phone and email for questions. 

1 hour freelance support - £100

I am thrilled to share whatever wisdom I have in a casual format (the freelance community is one of the most helpful and friendly), but I've had people just starting out want a more 'official' session on all things beauty journalism/freelancing. Adding this here as an option if that's you. 

  • 1 hour call tailored to you — you can let me know ahead of time or just hop on the call and chat. 

1 hour mentoring for budding journalists and writers - £75 

I also offer mentoring for those hoping to break into the industry. If that's you: 

  • Follow the booking system and I'll email you with a relevant form to see if we're compatible.  

    • I'm here with those with a genuine interest in beauty and wellness as a writer/editor/journalist; I'm not your girl for breaking into the car mag industry, for example. 

  • The 1 hour session tailored to your needs covers: your professional goals, tips, writing help, and general industry know-hows— you're in charge of steering what you need help with. 

I can't wait to work together! 

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