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What? I've helped lots of small businesses and assisted legacy brands in many areas, including strategising, managing relationships, pitching to journalists, leveraging founder and in-house team knowledge, best practices and more — all from a journalist's standpoint. 

Who? If you want to strengthen journalist relationships, you want clarity on brand positioning or you want help with copy. 

Why? To eliminate email back and forth, I've set up a calendar appointment slot schedule, all you have to do is choose a time that suits you (please give me at least 48 hours ahead of time) and I'll email you all relevant information before our call.

How? Simply book a time slot that suits you — my calendar is as open as possible but should the time slot not suit, I'll reschedule right away — you'll receive an email from me with T&Cs and an invoice (to be paid prior to the meeting). I'll ask you to areas of improvement so that we can maximise the call time. 


1 hour small business - £175 

If you'd prefer a few block sessions, I'm happy to discuss a discounted rate. 

  • 1 hour call tailored to you — I will prep relevant content ahead of time 

  • Typed up notes and debrief of session to keep handy

  • Follow-up support as and when needed 

1 hour large business - This is calculated depending on the consulting needed as it's vastly different from small business consulting; often this is block consulting vs a single session. Typically involves:

  • Initial 30 min call to discuss needs 

  • Copy created with 2 rounds of revision available 

  • Deck presented over call and to keep handy 

  • Revisions based on feedback 

  • Redelivered deck 

  • Available for follow-up sessions and always available via phone and email for questions 

1 hour freelance support - £100

I am thrilled to share whatever wisdom I have in a casual format (the freelance community is one of the most helpful and friendly), but I've had people just starting out want a more 'official' session on all things beauty freelancing. Adding this here as an option if that's you. 

  • 1 hour call tailored to you — You can let me know ahead of time or just hop on the call and chat 

  • Typed up notes to keep handy 

30 min freelance support - £50 

  • 30 minute call to cover the very basics or a specific query you had in mind/would like help with

  • Just book an hour slot, but specify you only need 30 mins 

30-1 hour mentoring - Free

I also offer mentoring for those hoping to break into the industry. If that's you: 

  • Send me an email introducing yourself + what you're looking for with mentoring 

    • I'm here with those with a genuine interest in beauty and wellness as a writer/editor/journalist; I'm not your girl for breaking into the car mag industry, for example. 

  • Include subject line MENTORING so I can easily find you (I get hundreds of emails a day!) 

  • I'll decide whether I think we're aligned/I can help you

  • Jump on a 30-1 Zoom or phone call to chat through goals, tips, writing help, general industry know-hows — you're in charge of steering what you need help with 

  • I'll be available on email to help with any questions you have / intro you to people offering internships etc. where I can 

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