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Dr Ash Soni, The Soni Clinic

"Tori is one of the greatest beauty writers I have ever come across in all my time of working in the aesthetic industry. She is efficient, so on top of it, and anyone would be lucky to have her writing for them. Her attention to detail is like no other, and I can truly testify that she is one of the best in the industry. I always look forward to writing articles with Tori, because I know that the thought behind it, planning and execution are all flawless."

Trisha Allen, Global PR manager, Brand Agency London

“Tori is an exceptional, professional, and hardworking individual who is always a pleasure to work with through her passion for her work. As a leading expert in the beauty and wellness space Tori is a go-to for my team and I to work with and for many other PR’s and brands in the industry. I can’t highly recommend Tori enough to work and collaborate”.

Lisa Driver, MI

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